This costume was inspired by the greek goddess Demeter. she is the goddess of harvest and seasons so it has flowers and leaves glued to it.

This Dress is simple but still very classy and charming. It could be worn to more conservative events like going to work, or less conservative, like going out to dinner with friends.


Floral Summer Dress

Noa's Designs

This dress is summer floral patterned. The top of the dress is blocked with a blue and white floral pattern and blue fabric. The halter back straps are very summer inspired and are easy to tie. There is a belt that separates The bottom of the skirt from the top.

Designer's Note

I used this color because blue is my favorite color. The blue in the floral pattern is the same color as the solid blue plus white flowers. I like blocking colors and patterns, especially in the spring and summer.

Demeter Costume

Rustic Tube Dress