This skirt has a tight waistband but the rest is loose and comfortable. It is perfect for any occasion whether you are going out at night or playing outside in the daytime. It has three large buttons in the back of the waistband so you can get it on and off easily without needing an elastic.

Designer's Note

The three buttons at the back of the skirt stand out because they are so much lighter than the denim. This skirt has a very thick and fitted waistband.

I chose to make it out of denim because I thought the skirt would look very good in denim. Also, this is soft denim so it is very comfortable.

This stylish white top is comfortable and can be worn with almost any outfit. It is a boat neck top and has rings of golden leather on the straps.

Designer's Note

This loose boat neck crop top is very stylish and  very easy to match with a outfit.

The shirt is white which is a very simple color, but, I put rings of gold leather around the strap to add a bit of color and shine. The shirt is made of soft, stretchy fabric so it is easy to get on and off.

This Tank top Is bright and comfortable.  There is a button in the front to look as if that was connecting the straps to the shirt. The straps cross at the back.

Designer's Note

The bright orange color of this tank top is spring inspired. The fabric of this tank is soft, stretchy and very comfortable. This also lets the top come on and off easily.

The straps of this tank top come down in the middle and attach to the shirt where the button is. Where it attaches, there is a brown button. At the back the straps cross.

Red-Orange Crop Top

Orange Cross-Back Strap Tank

High Waisted Denim Circle Skirt

This skirt is tight on the waist and is a bit fitted through the rest of the skirt. It can be worn in the nighttime or daytime for almost any event.  

Designer's Note

This Skirt is made of a tough suede green fabric that is soft on the outside. 

Unlike many of my other skirts, this one is not very loose and flowy. This skirt is just a bit loose. The fabric is stiff so it holds the amount of flare in the skirt.

This skirt is high waisted and tight on the waist. Because this fabric is not stretchy and there is no waistband, there is a zipper in the back to allow it to slip on and off easily

Gold Strap Boat Neck Top


High Waisted Green Suede Skirt

A combination of two vivid colors in one shirt. This tank top is reversible with a bright and bold color on each side. It is soft, comfy and easy to play in. 

Designer's Note

These two complementary colors combine beautifully into the same shirt. This shirt is reversible, so you can match the color to the rest of your outfit. On both sides there is a thin lining of the contrasting color under your arms.

The fabric is stretchy so this tank doesn't need buttons or a zipper.

Reversible Sporty Tank

This bright dress is loose, flowy, and comfortable, while still being as colorful as the spring. It is perfect for going outside on any sunny day.

Designer's Note

These bright rainbow- like patterns remind me of spring colors and brand new sunny days. The fabric is 4-way stretch, comfortable, and hangs nicely as a dress.

To add and even brighter color that this dress doesn't already have, I added a bright yellow belt. It is made of a stiff cotton fabric and is hand braided.

Rainbow Maxi Dress

This tank top is wonderful for a spring day. It has thin straps to let you move free and cool down.  You could were this shirt with shorts for playing outside in the spring OR with leggings for a nighttime event.

Designer's Note

This tank top is made of a light green cotton fabric with gold butterflies on it. It has yellow buttons down the back that match the golden butterflies. This Tank is tight from the waist up, then it begins to flare out a bit.

I used buttons instead of a zipper because it added a subtle pop of yellow at the back and gave a more interesting impression to the top.

Green Butterfly Tank

This colorful dress is the perfect dress for night and daytime. These bright colors are spring inspired and will make you feel like the life of the party!

Designer's Note

I designed this piece in my favorite style for a dress. The top of the dress is fitted and the skirt is loose and flowy. It has a wide belt that separates the top of the dress from the skirt. At the back I decided to do cross back straps because I wanted my dress to have an interesting twist a bit out of the ordinary.

  I chose bright spring colors for this dress; light pink and purple. The belt and straps are yellow to make it feel brighter.

Colorful Party Dress

Spring/Summer Collection 

Demeter Costume

More New Peices and costumes Coming Soon! : )

This Cleopatra costume is a very soft and comfortable dress. It has blue and gold accessories. 

Designer's Note

This dress is made from a 4-way stretch light fabric. There is a detached golden rope belt. 

The golden cape has two blue cuffs connected to the ends of the cape to put your wrists through. The cape is attached to the straps of the dress. The neck accessory is detached from the dress to make it easier to get on and off.

This top is a bright, cheerful, spring yellow. It is open back and spaghetti strap. The straps come down to the shirt and connect in the middle. The straps are yellow, blue, and orange hand-braided strings.

Designer's Note

This top has a very interesting and unique design. The straps come together in the front of the tank. This is an open-back tank, the open back has a braided strap connecting the sides of the shirt.

The bright yellow color really reminds me of spring. The colors of the braided straps also remind 

This circle skirt is soft and flowy. It has bright eye-catching colors that very much remind me of the spring. It has an elastic waistband with denim fabric covering it

Designer's Note

Circle skirts are my favorite type of skirt because they are very flowy and sit nicely on the body. I used in elastic waistband because buttons would rip this fabric and a zipper would not look good on a circle skirt.

I chose to have a denim waistband to show contrast between the colors. I chose to use bright yellow because it is a spring color and my sister's favorite color!

Cleopatra Costume

Yellow Low Back Tank

Striped Circle Skirt

Fitted Blue Crop Top

Yellow Circle Skirt

Blue Floral Summer Dress

This crop top is made from bubbly-patterned  bright, warm colors. It is very loose and comfortable and perfect to play outside in.

Designer's Note

These colors and pattern remind me very much of the sunnier days of spring. This type of fabric is thin, breezy, and perfect to wear in warm weather.

The style of this crop top is very simple and comfortable to wear. It has tank top sleeves and is a bit low back. 

This top is a beautiful bright blue. It has tank top straps and metal detail on them. This crop top is fitted perfectly.

Designer's Note

This top is a bright, bold, spring blue. It is made of a tough cotton fabric. This top has silver colored metal detail in the straps.

The top has a zipper in the back so it can be perfectly fitted.

Demeter Costume



This circle skirt has a very interesting and unique pattern. When this skirt rests on the body, it forms a very intricate pattern with the teal and white stripes. This is a very soft, comfortable, and flowy skirt.

Designer's Note

This circle skirt has teal and white stripes. Because of the striped fabric, the skirt forms a very intricate pattern when it rests on the body.

It has an elastic waistband that doesn't crinkle. The waistband has a teal stripe in the center and a bit of white on either of the edges.This skirt is very flowy and comfortable.


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